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Our tailor-made reports convince customers and bring growth to your company. Simple, self-explanatory operation enables efficient work in high quality.


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99.9% Availability

75% Average cost saving

How can biscau support you?

Automatic data transfers, benchmarks at the push of a button and intelligent "advisors" help you concentrate on the essentials: your customers and the growth of your company.

 Financial Reporting

Intelligent "advisors" help you to create perfect financial reporting that will convince your customers and generate more sales. You sell services, not hours.


The system works according to national as well as internationally recognized standards, which are continuously maintained and optimized by specialist committees.

 Digital Dataroom

You and your customers work in a protected cloud environment to securely manage and exchange confidential information.


You give your financial reporting its own layout, manage rights, store work aids and create documents for management and the supervisory authority.

Benefits in detail

Financial Reporting

 Create annual accounts

Intelligent assistants support you with the comprehensive final theses; from simple to complex:
  • Enter or import basic data
  • Data checks and confirmations
  • Prepare annual accounts and reports

 Business valuation

The system guides you safely through the valuation process. The following recognized valuation methods are supported:
  • Fair Value
  • DCF; Discounted Cash Flow
  • multiples; Sales, profit, EBIT
  • Earnings value, net asset value etc.


 Create audits and their reports

The system guides you safely through the processes of an audit: planning, analysis, risk assessment, audit and reporting:
  • Select audit type
  • Audit processes
  • Audit reports and protocols
Process optimization thanks to:
  1. Digital surveys
  2. Digital data room
  3. Digital signature

 Group Accounting-Consolidation software

Consolidation software that allows you to create consolidated financial statements, from simple to complex; Foreign currencies, minorities, multi-level group:
  • Capital consolidation
  • Eliminations in the group
  • Reports and Analysis

 Statistics; Regional, key figures ...

The statistics module is designed for large amounts of data and can be configured to meet your individual requirements:
  • Financial key figures evaluations
  • filter by; Regions, industries, legal form
  • Dynamic pool evaluations etc.

Digital Dataroom

 DMS; Document Management System

Employees or external contacts can securely store, manage and share documents with third parties:
  • Confidential documents
  • Permanent files
  • Annual files etc.

 Digital Signature

The digital signature helps you to send documents securely to users or external contacts and to sign them digital.
  • Offers
  • Contracts/NDA
  • Documents etc.


The system offers a protected digital data room with which you can securely exchange confidential information with your customers:
  • DMS - Document Management System
  • Digital surveys
  • Digital signature


 Import Interface

You can customize the data import and import balance sheets efficiently and securely for:
  • Annual accounts
  • Revision
  • Consolidated financial statements


In the administration area you manage rights and useful templates for employees and customers such as:
  • Login data
  • Working templates
  • Report layout etc.

 Documents for the Supervisory authority

You can create the documents for the supervisory authority at the push of a button. You will create the following high quality documents:
  • Quality Management Manual
  • Evidence from employees
  • Proof of the company