Business valuation

The system guides you safely through the valuation process. The following recognized valuation methods are supported:
  • Fair Value
  • DCF; Discounted Cash Flow
  • multiples; Sales, profit, EBIT
  • Earnings value, net asset value etc.

 Checklist - Company valuation

Below you will find an overview of the basic information and documents that you should provide for a well-founded company valuation:
  1. Financial statements
  2. Contracts
  3. Optional items

 Due Diligence checklist

This due diligence checklist provides an overview of the information and documents required. How much data you collect depends on the size and complexity of the company. In general, a period of three historical years, the current financial year as well as the budget and any existing financial plan are looked at.

 Checklist - Buy a business

If you are interested in a company and would like to contact the company, please note the following points:
  1. Your career
  2. Your motivation
  3. Your conditions
  4. Your financial options
We wish you much success with your project.

 Methods company valuation

Company valuations are necessary in different phases of a company. Most of these are crucial situations in which there are great opportunities, but also major risks. Company valuation:
  • DCF method
  • Multiple method
  • Substance value ...
In the course of a company valuation, the seller should analyze his company in depth. In the company analysis, factors such as the mission statement, evaluation, value drivers and stakeholders are considered.

 Real estate in the succession

Finding the ideal successor solution is challenging. If a company is successful, a business property is often part of its assets. It is challenging for potential successors if they have to help finance this. Early planning is worth it.