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Webinar Business Valuation
Our business valuation training provides in-depth knowledge. From valuation methods to financial analysis, learn how companies are valued. The training leads through practical examples and strategies to better understand values. Ideal for professionals who want to expand their assessment skills.
You can carry out the training 100% digitally. If you don't have a biscau login yet, then create a free test login biscau and practice the processes.

Webinar Business Valuation

Videos and manuals

Create annual accounts
Intelligent assistants support you with the comprehensive final theses; from simple to complex:
  • Enter or import basic data
  • Data checks and confirmations
  • Prepare annual accounts and reports

Create annual accounts

Group Accounting-Consolidation software
Consolidation software that allows you to create consolidated financial statements, from simple to complex; Foreign currencies, minorities, multi-level group:
  • Capital consolidation
  • Eliminations in the group
  • Reports and Analysis

Manual group accounting

Subgroup one or more

Business valuation
The system guides you safely through the valuation process. The following recognized valuation methods are supported:
  • Fair Value
  • DCF; Discounted Cash Flow
  • multiples; Sales, profit, EBIT
  • Earnings value, net asset value etc.

Business valuation